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How I Became a Cock Sucker and Never Looked Back

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How I Became a Cock Sucker and Never Looked Back Starting in my early 40s I began frequenting the local adult book store just to visit the video arcade to watch straight porn and jack off by myself. The booths did not have doors but were set up in such a way that anyone with a little imagination could peek around the corner to see what the occupant was doing. As it happened one day while I was jacking off this guy came to the entrance to my booth and watched me for a moment then took his cock out and began to slowly jack it off. He asked me “do you jack off every day?” and I replied “yes, I… Read more

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Nipsie and my Dirty Supermarket Surprise


I did something quite rude and even a bit pervy today, and I fucking loved it. It was the fault of a pretty little blonde lady called nipsie. That is her xhamster page. She has a few pics of her gorgeous self in lingerie; one topless. She also has several galleries of similarly built athletic mature ladies she would like to suck on. She says she is in her fifties but she looks maybe 40. she has beautiful little breasts that I wouldn't have looked twice at a couple of years ago. I was a confirmed boob man until Em the real estate agent came along and showed me her blouse full of goodies. Ironi… Read more

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Sister In Law Comes To Visit


This is a true story from the memory banks. Several years ago my wife’s sister came for a visit. It was well known by the wife that I wanted to get her sister in bed. We had role played this out in the past. I would call her by her sisters name and she would call me by my name. Not the usual we’ve been married many years pet names, i.e., babe, sweetheart and so on. We go to the airport and pick up Sister in law. We’ll call her Asami. We arrive home and plan out some tourist things. The whole time I am checking out Asami. One trip we had planned was to a friends house to go swimming. My wif… Read more

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fun at the beach 2

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Well we had such a fun day that we decided to try the beach again and this time we were going to the nudist part that our friends from yesterday were telling us about. I had convinced you to go nude and as we got to th nudist beach there was a big dune and some cabins to get changed in, We had never been to a nudist beach but as we had fucked on a regular beach I didn’t see it being much of a problem. We got changed and wondered out you holding my hand tight as we walked along in the dunes looking for a nice spot near to the water but secluded enough from others, we found a perfect spot and du… Read more

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party with friends

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We were invited to a friend from the Hubs house for a party we knew a few people by name on the site but only met one before. This was going to be fun we hoped as a few of the people were very kinky on line and we hoped they would be the same in person. A few couples and quite a few single men were invited also a few single girls so it was or sounded like a nice mix of people. We were told to bring swim costumes as the place had a big indoor pool and this meant everyone will be dressed similar with all they had on offer. We arrived at about 6pm it was a cold night outside but the house was hu… Read more

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A friend visits

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We had spoken about it and you were sure you wanted him to fuck you so when you arrived at my place, I said that I had spoken to him and he wanted to come over and use you like you talked about. What I didn’t know till I spoke to him was that he wanted me there to direct the whole thing and take pictures; this was all good to me as you know how much I loved to see you filled with cum in every hole. The night came and I had you in my place getting you ready for his arrival, you were to be a total cum slut and I was going to make sure that you got used in every way possible. I had already fucked… Read more

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I had tried a number of dating sites and found that for me they were a waste of money. The search facilities didn’t do the job of finding the kind of guy I wanted. What did I want some excitement in my life with a man who was inventive but not a perv. Then I saw a new site that had been going a few month called XDating, strange name I thought but when I went on it I found why. You could say it was a site for alternative people. What kind, well all kinds. People with varying orientations who wanted to find someone compatible, people with kinks doing the same. I was curious so I surfed. There… Read more

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Carmen's Birthday

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Joe had treated me to a fine restaurant and bought me a beautiful antique cameo for my birthday, but said after dinner he had one more surprise for me. He made me dress in a black silk bustier with straps for my black hose and 6" stiletto heels and no panties, over which I wore a short black strapless dress showing off my cleavage. On the way home he made a detour and I knew he had planned a meeting for me with someone else. We stopped at a nice home and walked up to the front door and rang the bell. Opening it was a large black man and immediately my heart began to race. Joe knew I still ha… Read more

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My Cuckold Boyfriend

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Most of the black guys I meet are through my girlfriends or are friends of those guys, sort of like a “snowbunny” referral network. ;o) However, when I’m craving a little more excitement, I hit up Tinder and it usually doesn’t take long for me to set something up. One day I was with my boyfriend and a couple of his friends at his house playing video games when a message popped up from a guy that I had been crushing on hard. He had sent a few pics including one of his “prized possession” as he called it. [When you’re hung like he is you’re allowed to be a little corny.] How hung you ask? He’s t… Read more

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The teaching of a fem roommate

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''its ok , dont be shy i know you want to be my girl'' ''mike no please stop i can explain'' ''oh stop moving u dont want to cut you'' this cant be happening , im getting shaved by my roommate hands tied , ass up on his dark skin legs , un the shower his bbc under me feeling so big already as he shave my ass to be his pussy ''mike please bro i swear i dont watch these.....'' ''oh little liar , you little bitch watch sissy porn all the time'' he shaved me as i argue i dont like it ''noooo i dont Mikeee mike ahhhhhh no stop mike'' ''thats 2 fingers , you take it easy'' ''ahhhh mike ahh… Read more

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The Remodel in the Mountains

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A friend of mine had a son who wanted to learn the construction trade and I told them I would have a job coming up. A few weeks later I called him and said I ha a job in the mountains if he wanted to go with me. I told him it would last about a month and he said that was fine. It took about a day to drive up to the cabin. When we got there I told him we had to hook up some utilities but it shouldn't take to long. I took him up to turn on the power to the cabin that you had to use a ladder to turn it on, so I told him to climb up and pull the handle down. He started up the ladder and I hel… Read more

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Red handed

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I've been checkin out curvy curly haired redhead Kaitlin Paprocki for awhile, gosh the way her ass wiggles when she walks. she's got a pretty smile, she's into country music while I'm not a big fan of that genre I'd love to get on her stage and let her play with my guitar any day. i would hump her fat white honky tonk donkadonk any night of the week. one night i saw her out at The Brass Monkey tavern on Greenfield ave not too far away from where i lived and as I sat there drinking my long island I contemplated… Read more

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Exposing Girlfriends Big Tits at a Rock Show


Exposing Big Tits at Rock Show My girlfriend and I were at a rock show at our local hockey stadium. The band playing was Godsmack. There was 5000 plus people at the show. My girlfriend was dressed like a hot little slut. Tight jeans, black high heeled boots, a very low cut black top, a bright blue bra which was slightly visible because if the low cut top and a tight leather jacket zipped up only halfway showing a lot of cleavage. She had unzipped her jacket once we got to our seats. We sat for the opening act but when Godsmack started everyone in the stadium was standing. I positioned myself… Read more

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Ana and a very wild photo shoot session

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After spending Saturday at the golf club, I noticed Ana’s car in the garage when I came back home. I was really surprised, since I was sure she had said something about a date with one of her lovers. I found her sitting in the living room, watching some porn movies. My sweet wife looked tired and bored; so after a quick kiss I asked her if everything was fine. She assured me she was fine. She smiled weakly, saying she had now her pussy full of her lover’s cum for me to eat later… Ana was wearing a short skirt and a tight button up blouse. Her toned long legs were bare and she had slipped her… Read more

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The mature divorcee and the pool guy

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Saturday was a very nice warm day and I was home alone; sunning at the back yard by the pool. As I was there, I suddenly heard some gasps and moans coming from the next house. There lived just Susan, an old divorcee lady who I had fucked wildly two weeks ago. It sounded strange, since I had never heard her this way. So I looked over the fence and found a very nice sight. There was sexy Susan, laying on a big lounge chair, her nice toned legs spread wide and somebody was mounting her; obviously fucking her cunt. I enjoyed the show in silence, as I felt my own cock starting to grow inside of m… Read more

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Two black cocks in our marital bed

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Sunday at home was cold, rainy and of course, boring. There was nothing to do except laying on the couch close to the fire and try to get a nice enjoyable movie. But getting a good movie was just impossible. My sweet Ana came downstairs. As it was nicely warm inside the house, my sensual Ana was wearing just a black see through negligee with high heels. I enjoyed staring at her nice shaven mound and her glistening pussy lips. She looked radiant, although the afternoon was horrible. So I asked her if she had been masturbating herself upstairs. Ana laughed, saying she did not need to touch her… Read more

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Group SexTabooVoyeur

CHAPTER 16: HOME AND MOM On the plane home everyone agreed that the European trip had been a huge success from an adventure standpoint. Even Mr. R who had to include working meetings involving unpleasant business issues and Tim who had the shortest time in Europe had to agree. But, returning home from Europe, I was exhausted. And I mean thoroughly and completely. I was tired when we left the hotel but I also knew what was likely in store for me on the plane, especially with that demon seat Mr. R had… Read more

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CHAPTER 15F: EUROPE: GERMANY AND GOODBYE EUROPE The train travel to Antwerp and then on to Berlin went uneventfully. The distances weren’t great between each but it afforded Tim and I some alone time, even if not private. I swore to myself that I was going to maul him when we got home after a little recovery time which would only require the day after we got home. I was hungry for him alone. Physically and emotionally hungry for my man. His tenderness and overwhelming love to be privately and personal… Read more

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Quiet time in the mountains

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Last week I decided I had to get away from home for a few hours and headed off to the mountains. There was a place that I knew I could go to and no one would bother me or come around. Little did I know at the time that I would have a very pleasant interruption. I found my spot and parked the truck, unzipped my fly and was using my 6” vibrator, that I refer to as “my buzzer”, on my cock. It was really feeling good and I was hard as a rock. After several minutes I had to stop because I wanted to prolong the feeling and didn’t want to cum just yet. I put my buzzer aside and slowly started strok… Read more

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